Posted on: February 15, 2009 11:43 am

Ahh! It is the first sign of spring!

The NfL is starting their offseason rituals, The NBA and NHL are in the playoff stretch Run, NASCAR is dropping the flag and pitchers and catchers are reporting all over the Sun Belt. It must be spring again. I love this time of year as it allows you to forget last years headacchees of rroting for you teams and focus on their new adjustments and the hope for a succesful season. If this time of year doesn't get the blood pumping, you should take a deeper look at yourself.

Pitchers and Catchers reporting to Florida  and Arizona means that the Yankees are trying to buty another championship, again to fail. No Mr Steinbreener you are not eligble for an ecomonic bail out because you haven't learned that your team will fail more often than not because of the very simple concept of baseball....It is a team game. Hiring a bunch of high profile stars will not make yourr team any better, just another collection of primadonnas. Teams like the Rays and Phillies made it last year to the Fall Classic on the simple fact that it was a team effort.  Maybe Hank could learn something here.....but deep down he is oblivious to it. He has a new stadium to fill and he will with those big names but good luck to you getting to the playoffs.

The Devils and Celtics are looking good going into the playoffs but there is still a lot of jocking around for position so these teams are playing hard for that ever important post season seed. I look for both teams to do well this year and go very deep into the playoffs. Clemmesen is on fire between the pipes. I feel comfortable with him as the goalie to backup Martin Brodeur and a true keeper for a long time.

The flag dropping tioday at Daytona is always a fun one. Can JJ go for 4 straight, does Gordon, Jr., Martin have so my firepower in the garage with Hendrichs to make them contenders. Is Tony going to be distracted as an owner/driver to be effective as he was as just a driver. Let the fun begin on the asphalt.

Thursday starts the NFL combine where the ritual of watching the draft class go for measurements of their skill set are shown on a continous feed on NFL network. The wondelich is a wonder that will be said more ofton this week than it ever will be said for the rest of the year. Your favorite teams is hopefully studying and will make the right choice that can guide your franchise into the near future.

Ah the rights of Spring. Enjoy this time of year because it only happens once until next year.

Posted on: December 29, 2008 1:56 pm

Who's accountable?

Are you kidding me, my Bucs go 0-4 through December after getting ready to lock up the playoffs by Thanksgiving and the wheels fell off the bus. No one is fired? If I performed that badly year after yer in the money time and kept not getting it done, I would certainly be trying to explain to my family why I was looking for work, but then even they would know.

Monte is in Tennessee already, can't fire him. How about the offesive coordinator, who couldn't get the ball in the end zone, all year long, while sitting in the red zone.....A good thought, but you would lose the Golden Child. Would this be the right answer, maybe but who is available. Is Cower your stud?

Does Barber, Brooks, and the rest of the aging superstars have another year...I don't think so but they just seemed to age a bunch compared to the rest of the league. Ronde got beat more often than a Red Headed step child and Brooks seemed lus t a half a step sl;ower than last year.

Only time will tell, but who is to blame?
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